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About this document
Terms accepted in the board
Participation in the board
Moderators rights
Administrators rights
Owners rights
Rules for communications in the board

About this document
This document regulates instructions for board use and placed in her materials.
Document prepared by board owners and is a fundamental in resolving any conflicts that arise when using the board. The document is published in the board, comes into effect from the date of publication and is required to perform all users of the board. The document may be supplemented at any time with notice to the board owners with the notice placed at the board.

Terms accepted in the board
Stream (topic): original message (question) and answers (comments) for this message. Stream has a header, indicated by placing the first message. The title briefly explains a stream reveals and a stream content.
Forum: set of topics with messages on specific subject.
Board: set of forums.
Board user: any person who has passed the registration procedure.
Board guest: person who has not passed the registration procedure, but wants to read the Board messages.
Registration: the procedure for creating a user account. This is a voluntary disclosure of a certain set of user information and assigning a user ID and password for its further identification.
Administrator: trusted user, which the Board owners given the right to exercise control over the implementation of rules for Board use.
Moderator: trusted user, which the Board owners was given the right to exercise control over the implementation of rules for Board use on a particular forum or set of forums.
Ban: user disconnects from the board or on behalf of (ID) or by IP-address.

Participation in the board
1.1. Customers must show mutual respect for each other.
1.2. Prohibited acts of religious, racial, sexual and other intolerance or discrimination.
1.3. Do not abuse the large images, codes, texts, quotations, captions, etc.
1.4. Do not use abusive words in any language, offensive attacks and other statements that offend the dignity of board members, in any part of the message - the header, text, captions, etc.
1.5. Prohibited the publication of reports aimed at discrediting any person (legal or physical).
1.6. Prohibited from posting messages that cause moral or any other damage to any person (legal or natural).
1.7. Never talk to contradict the legislation of Russia, in particular, the discussion of hacking programs and servers, the abduction of intellectual property, etc.
1.8. Prohibits direct advertising in the messages.
1.9. Do not discuss actions board owners, moderators and administrators other than by e-mail.
1.10. The report should be placed in the appropriate forum to its content.
1.11. The message should have a title (topic title), briefly revealing the contents of the message. Titles in the style of "Mama, help me .." or "Question!!!" are from this point of view is wrong.
1.12. Prohibited any commercial use of board materials.
1.13. Noncommercial use of board materials is possible only in referring to the board as a source of information, as well as the name (alias) and e-mail address (if available) of the author information.
1.14. When composing a message in the board, you may not use information obtained from third parties, without reference to the data source and the author`s permission.
1.15. Do not use usernames, similar to the names of other users, in order to impersonate them and write messages on their behalf.

Moderators rights
2.1. In cases of non-compliance with the rules of participation in the board, moderators have the right to modify, delete, or move to another stream of messages, change your personal information and issue warnings to users.
2.2. Moderators jointly decide about the ban of the user when the user non-compliance with rules of board use.
2.3. Moderators adhere to regulations of the board according to their understanding.
2.4. The actions of the moderators are not discussed otherwise, except by e-mail.

Administrators rights
3.1. Administrators have the same rights as moderators.
3.2. The administrator has the right to unilaterally make decisions about blocking user.
3.3. Board Administrators adhere to regulations in accordance to their understanding.
3.4. The actions of administrators are not discussed otherwise, except by e-mail.

Owners rights
4.1. The owners have all rights to the content of the board and can use it in any way, pledging to mention the source and the name (or alias) of the author information.
4.2. The owners have absolute priority in all decisions relating to the board.
4.3. The actions of the board owners did not discuss the other way, except by e-mail.
4.4. Board owners are not responsible for users messages.

5.1. Responsibility as a warning occurs for breach of any item of rules for board using to "easy" form.
5.2. Responsibility in the form of ban for a month reached for violation of any item of rules for board using to "average" form.
5.3. Responsibility in the form of ban forever comes for breach of any item of rules for board using to "hard" form, as well as the users of the third warning in accordance with paragraph 5.1.
5.4. The degree of "seriousness" of a violation is determined by the forum moderators, administrators and board owners according to their understanding.

Rules for communications in the board
6.1 According to paragraphs 1.10-1.11
6.2 Subject matter should clearly indicate the subject of discussion.
6.3 In the body of the message should specify what programs you are using, OS version, browser.
6.4 If the contents of the message incomprehensible to most users, the message can be removed by the administrator or moderator.
6.5 Administrators and moderators can close the topic if it does not contain any useful information.
6.6 All members of the board are required to adhere to the norms and rules of the language in which they communicate.

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